To be honest, I don’t spend much time logging on to Twitter, or any social media for that matter, as time is such a hot commodity these days, and I don’t seem to have much of it. Because of this crazy balancing act, I felt a bit lost at first in my online search. However, I quickly found my way as I plugged in different hashtags and tapped into some of the sites/people I connected with during tch 401. I checked in with Dr. Falbe’s space and found very interesting information regarding collaboration in the classroom, connecting students, and creating a safe learning environment during the great “Covid crisis.” Afterwards, I searched James Nottingham, a speaker I heard at a conference last year. After scrolling through his tweets, I found solid information regarding engaging students in learning, using #challenging mindset. As I scrolled through Nottingham’s tweets, I landed on Carmen Bergmann’s site, tapping in to a blogspot she created regarding student collaboration and the learning mindset of online learners. I scrolled through tweets of formal classmates, and tried using various hashtags, some with success, and others not so successful. Some of these included #studentsconnecting, #education, and #onlineeducation. I was able to uncover some apps that help with online education and collaboration through this final hashtag.





Over the last three weeks, I’ve definitely learned the importance of connecting with other colleagues in order to breathe new life into my lessons, while encouraging myself as a professional. These last few weeks served to remind me that teaching is not a solitary profession, but one in which ideas need to be shared in order to continue the learning process in which we all find ourselves. When I think back to reasons why I wanted to teach–beyond the students and the content–the idea of continuing my education by learning new things intrigued me. I never wanted to find myself settling for the “status quo,” but instead wanted to find myself continuously evolving, stretching and challenging myself in order to be better for my students, as well as for myself. These last few weeks not only reminded me of these goals, but also refocused me, as well.

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