HOMAGO #7–Messing around with Google Meets

So, I know that Google Meets is something that many have plenty of experience with, but since moving to remote learning just this past week, I’ve spent even more time creating lessons and adjusting old ones. My biggest challenge has been my desire to get my students to interact with each other online. I used Google Meets, and set up small groups for students to break out into smaller groups for discussion and work. This seemed to work with my advanced students, but was a bit more challenging with my other classes. Because there is no guarantee that all will log in and work, I felt a bit limited. I then decided to create the groups, including myself in each one. I had the students break off during the class period, telling them to check back in with me before logging off. I then was able to check in with each of the groups while they were working, listening and answering questions as needed. Knowing there is a little more accountability helped urge my “not so ambitious students” to participate. (I felt as if I was eavesdropping, but with good cause and intent.) Because promoting connections during this time of disconnections seems so important, it was kind of nice expanding the use of a tool I already used, exploring new options and applications.

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