HOMAGO 8: Messing Around with EdPuzzle

One of my main goals regarding technology has been to figure out a way to help my students collaborate online. With this being said, I’ve also realized the importance of collaboration among teachers. I chose to check out EdPuzzle because of the comments I’ve heard my colleagues make about it, as well as the different ways they’ve used it in the their own classrooms.

I’m currently teaching The Crucible¬†and have been discussing with my students regarding the psychological impact of mass hysteria. Through EdPuzzle, I was able to find a video clip regarding 12 teenage girls who exhibited similar ailments. Throughout the clip, I was able to include questions for them to answer, which fueled great conversations. As students were skeptical of the mass hysteria we read about in the play, it helped them see it in “real time.” We then began talking about ways we see this type of contagious fear among ourselves, times they have experienced it personally, and ways in which we’ve seen it in current events. EdPuzzle allowed me to attach the site as an assignment on Google Classroom, which made it easy for them to access. One thing I think would be really nice is a way to allow students to comment on the video, creating an ongoing conversation.¬† I was able to use the feature on Google Classroom which allows students to see each other’s comments and comment back, but I found that these few extra steps stifled their comments, as they lost some of their “mojo.”

I really like the ease of using EdPuzzle and the way in which it works with Google Classroom. By being able to cut out a few extra technological steps for students, it reduces the stress some experience who are less technologically advanced. As we’ve moved to remote learning, I’ve become more sensitive to the anxieties my students experience. Not only are they worried about being able to complete their assignments, but they’re also stressed about being able to access those same assignments. I’m learning right alongside my own students.

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