Challenge #9–Learn about Learners Infographic

The question I posed regarding student learning was, “How effective is remote learning compared to in-person instruction?” This question stems from the recent 9 day school shutdown our high school was forced into due to the increased number of quarantined students. I used skyward to examine the number of missing assignments by students during the 9 day period, compared to the 9 days prior to the shutdown. Likewise, I looked at the grade averages from before remote learning and after remote learning. I then conducted an anonymous poll of students, asking them which they preferred in relation to how well they learned. The information gathered from these sources was placed in the infographic below, in the form of pie graphs and charts. In reading the Pearson pdf, it was mentioned that the data collected should be “user friendly.” In thinking about the conversations I’ve had with colleagues, as well as my students after returning to school, I thought these three pieces of information would be useful in determining not only the efficacy of remote learning, but stimulate conversations for ways to improve it. This led me to select Canva as a way to display my findings, as I do have some experience using the tool, and like the simple layout of the infographic. Actually seeing the results as images has been impactful. It’s made me really consider what I need to do to help my students progress during remote learning days. Knowing that future school shutdowns are a possibility, I want to proactively put remediations in place to bring continuity in learning to all of my students.

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