HOMAGO–10 Geeking out with Flipgrid

So, I’ve decided to focus on Flipgrid and figure out ways to incorporate this into my classes. Because of the back-and-forth nature of quarantined students and the high school as a whole, I’d like to connect better with my students and get them to connect better with each other. I don’t want to just use Flipgrid as a replacement for “journal” responses. I’m looking for other creative ways to use the tech tool. I’ve looked into different ways to use it online, one of which is connecting with those outside of our school. I was thinking about seeing if our students might be able to connect with those of another school, covering similar topics. This may be a stretch and not possible. I do know it’s been used to connect those in the community with students. So maybe another way we could reach out could be by appealing to a local author or expert in an area we are working on. We could pose questions to them through Flipgrid and, if they’re willing, they could respond to the students. This is just a start…a work in progress.

Any suggestions would be SO appreciated!

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