My Personal Technology Timeline

The beauty of time passing is the fun of looking back and seeing just how far we’ve come as a society. Taking time to be retrospective allows us to really appreciate the advancements in society that have shaped who we’ve become. Likewise, it helps us better understand the younger generation as we realize what they know and what they’ve not ever experienced…things like typewriters, programming codes, dial-up internet, etc. Contemplating the old with the new helps us remember where we’ve been and see more clearly where we’re going.


2 thoughts on “My Personal Technology Timeline

  1. I know that many educators had to step out of their comfort zone due to the COVID-19 pandemic in regards to using technology. I deffintely see technology weaving itself more and more in education. In our district we had some families choose to use a virtual program and see success, and I see this as a new education motive.

  2. Andrea!
    So crazy how technology has changed in such a short period of time! I spent most of my education in high school going to computer labs but then my senior year of high school we got laptops. Teachers really didn’t even know what to do with them, I remember us asking our teachers the day before, will we need our laptop tomorrow. We didn’t want to have to bring it if we didn’t need it and most days we weren’t needing it. For English teachers it was nice to not have to go to a computer lab to type papers, we could just get out our lap tops, but no other classes were really using them. I think that back when the on to one came out we should have gave much more PD to teachers in how they could best use the laptops!

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