Visual Paradigm of Learning

I see learning as a roller coaster ride–fun for some, terrifying for others. This take on learning connects with the  Constructivist theory, as students build on their experiences to create learning.  As students approach the first big hill of learning, it can seem a bit overwhelming. Some students embrace the challenge while others become anxious. As they take in information, they face the challenge of applying what they’ve learned. They may rely on previous knowledge, or their own real world experiences to construct learning based on what they know. This then affords them a greater self-confidence as they face the next learning challenge. Since their knowledge builds on their prior experiences, they apply this prior knowledge and face the next hurdle with a greater sense of control. As in each visual cartoon, students experience learning together. They reflect on their experiences, share what they’ve learned, and continue the ride.


1 thought on “Visual Paradigm of Learning

  1. I LOVE this visual metaphor of learning. I am true believer in the learning pit. I use the analogy daily in my classroom and so do my students! *Thank you James Nottingham!* I find my students to get so much clarity and ownership for their own learning when using this idea of the learning process.

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