TPACK Framework

I recently researched the TPACK framework for a grad class. This framework interconnects technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge.

The goal as educators is to strive to identify that perfect balance of all three. After reading further about the different combinations of technology, content and pedagogy, I realized how purposeful we need to be in designing lessons for our learners. Those who are seated in our classrooms have been entrusted to us to do our very best in identifying innovative and intentional ways to teach. This framework help us to purposefully think through each element of our instruction to appeal to the various learners in our classes.




Below is a link which provides additional information regarding TPACK, as well as examples of its use in classrooms. I invite you to take a peak at an extended explanation of a framework worthy of your time.

3 thoughts on “TPACK Framework

  1. Andrea,
    Your TPACK presentation was so clear and precise. I enjoyed it, and I developed a true understanding of the topic after watching your presentation. The real-life classroom examples you provided helped me to see the TPACK model in my own teaching, and it also helped me to see where I can improve. Hitting the “sweet spot” in the middle of this model is something I am continuing to strive for, and if you have anymore examples, I would be happy to learn from you! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I loved learning about TPACK through your presentation. I find it imperative that teachers use technology in today’s classrooms. I used a variety of platforms this school year with my students both online and in-person. Some platforms include PearDeck, FlipGrid, SeeSaw, Edpuzzle, and Kahoot. My students loved using these platforms to learn grade level skills and drills. It made learning fun and engaging for students.

  3. As strange as it may sound, but I am in love with studying. I always try to develop myself and search for any way to do it. Thanks to the fact that our world is evolving and the technologies are progressing we have so many opportunities to improve ourselves, getting knowledge. I use a lot of various programs and facilities for education but, honestly, this is the first time i have heard about the TPACK. Turns out this is a really helpful and popular framework. It is so fascinating and amazing that TPACK combines four areas of knowledge. Also, it is a really magnificent thing that because of TPACK all teachers can approach teaching and education in such a contemporary and innovative way.

    // Marina Teramond @ NMPL

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