Upon completing my final HOMAGO, I feel a bit accomplished. In recording myself and walking through the setting up of flipgrid, I realized that I have learned a lot more than I even realized. I’ve definitely felt “stretched” through the HOMAGO process, but appreciate the space to explore, connect, and create. After reviewing the uses of flipgrid, it really got my mind racing as to the different ways I could apply this technology to my classroom. Since my goal is to open the minds of my students to the idea of exploration beyond the classroom walls, I’ve found that I, too, need to expand my own knowledge, and find new and alternative ways of teaching. I’m hopeful that I can hand down the HOMAGO process to my students, making time and the space for them to experiment and search different apps and tools to enhance their learning.

The video is not the smoothest, but hopefully, it shows what I’ve learned.

Final HOMAGO Challenge

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